Maybe You Will Ask This Question – Why Are Longines Watches Are So Special?

Carrying the legacy of fine watch crafting

It is the tradition of brilliant craftsmanship that makes Longines one of the best watch manufacturers to the watch lovers. Each and every timepiece of the brand has been decorated with sheer skill and care to give interesting designs. The well placed hour and minute hands enhances the charm of the models, while studding of diamonds in some models increase the shine of a piece and also lifts the temperament of a watch user.

With the “Elegance is an attitude” tagline, the brand gets motivated in making watches. All the watches of the brand are doubtlessly brilliant with amazing features and high precision materials like stainless steel, leather, yellow gold, mixture of steel and ceramic, rose- gold and many more.


Cluster of powerful collections are present with outstanding men’s and women’s watches. Among them, the popular ones are Conquest, DolceVita, Hydro Conquest, La Grande Classique etc.


The name of the collection matches with its outstanding watches. The Conquest watches have the ability to attract the attention of a fashionable and stylish watch user. The sharpness present in the models of the line results due to the adorable designs. The finely polished bezel and straps combine with each other to produce some of the pretty looking and stylish watches. With the quartz movement, the watches of the collection remain accurate. The stainless steel material of the pieces provides toughness. All the timepieces from the collection have round shaped dials. The sapphire crystal glass cover of the Conquest watches makes them scratch free and durable.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is a French word which means good life. The glamorous women’s watches from the collection give delight to the mind of a female watch user. All the pieces have rectangular dials with well articulated designs to suit a female wrist. Use of steel case material heightens the gloss of the models. With the stainless steel strap, there are also two tone and leather straps. The leather straps give tactility, while the two tone straps provide variance. In addition to the usual functions like chronograph, analogue and date display, there are also dual dial, grande seconde and small second.


Daring Hydro Conquest watches represent the muscular radiance. Round shaped colourful dials have been painted wonderfully with blue, black and silver. The steel case and stainless steel strap fuse to provide toughness, while the two tone strap represents the variant aura of a wearer. With the automatic timekeeping, there is also availability of quartz mode. Brilliant embellishment is carried on above the dials by wonderfully placing the sharp pointed hands. Inclusion of tachymeter scale at the bezel has made the watches more refined. With the winged hourglass logo of the brand at the top of the dial, every watch of the line carries the legacy of Longines.

La Grande Classique

The focal point of the collection is its simplicity and staying close to formality. Clump of beautifully designed men’s and women’s watches elevate the aura of a user. What is surprising about the collection is that there is negligible difference between a male and female watch. The male watches have bigger dials than the women’s watches, other than this all are same. Surface of the dials are minimally decorated. The roman numerical with pin pointed hands exhibits grace at the wrist of a user. Models with gold plated, stainless steel and two tone straps is the most attractive, while the pieces with blackish leather strap provides endurance and holds the wrist firmly.

Read This – How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Fur

With temperatures quickly falling and the start of winter officially here, it’s time to invest in a real fur coat. Fur coats are the perfect way to fight the winter doldrums with warmth and style.

Fur comes in all shapes including classic vest to trendy phone cases. Sadly, there are individual sellers and businesses out there looking to prey upon people’s desire to wear real fur. Unless you’re buying from a certified furrier, fur can be portrayed as real when it is actually fake. This how-to guide will help you learn the differences between real and fake fur so you can make the most informed purchasing decision:

Feel the Fur

The texture of a coat isn’t the main giveaway on its realness, but it’s a good place to start. While different furs have their unique textures, they have certain features in common. Real fur naturally has a touch of oiliness; it’s not overly slick, but it’s still present. These natural oils preserve the hairs and give fur its luxurious feel. Without these oils, the coat will dry out and deteriorate quickly.

Real fur rests in the middle of two undesirable extremes. If you touch the fur and it feels too sticky, course, or rough on your hand, then there is a good chance it isn’t the real deal. Fake fur is made from plastics and chemicals. On the other extreme, these man-made compounds can also give fake fur an excessive soft feeling. While it can feel softer than real fur, it will not provide the true level of warmth and comfort.

A common test to see if the coat is real or fake is the burn test. To complete this test, remove a few pieces of the fur in question. On a flame-proof surface (like ceramic) hold a match or lighter to the hairs and let it burn. Real fur will burn normally and smell like burnt hair. Fake fur burns like melted plastic and will have a chemical odor.

Check for Labels and Brands

Look inside the garment to see if there is a label. If there is one, see what materials are listed. You should look for brand names since some companies only use real or synthetic furs. Keep in mind some companies have all real or all fake collections. If you have any doubts, do some research on the brand in question.

Many real furs come with pelt labels with information on where it originated. Fake furs will not have a legitimate pelt label since the fur was man-made and not from a furrier.

The price on the label is another factor to consider. If a coat claims to be real fur with a rock bottom price, stay away. This coat is probably fake. Real fur generally costs more.

Examine the Interior

A real fur coat will include a sewn lining. If you can, gently stick a sewing needle through the fur and lining. If it goes through quite easily, you may have a fake on your hands. A real fur coat should require more force or may not be able to go through at all. This is due to the proper lining and layers of fur.

Please be aware that with only a few bits of information, it can still be difficult to determine if the coat is real or fake. If you still have doubts, take it to a licensed furrier or fur expert.

For Your Information – Types of T-Shirt Printing

Screen-printing is one of the most common types of t-shirt printing. The ones that use these methods are individuals and small businesses in order to produce shirts in custom or small batches. Doing screen-printing at home costs very little and you do not need a lot of special equipment. The other two methods are sublimation and heat transfer. The more difficult of the two is sublimation. This method should only be used on synthetic materials like acrylic. Of the three types of t-shirt printing processes heat transfer is the easiest. Although heat transfer is quicker than screen printing the final product may not last as long.


This form of t-shirt printing is done with mesh screens and inks that are specially treated with a chemical that will allow an image to be burned into the shirt. The screen is coated with a substrate that will harden when exposed to light. The image is printed on a transparency that can be placed on the screen and then it is exposed to light. This causes the exposed substrate to harden and what is hidden by the transparency will stay soft. You can wash the soft substrate away and produce an image on the screen. Now you place the screen on top of the t-shirt. Ink will then be pressed through the opening in the substrate that is hard by using a squeegee. The investment is minimal in equipment. You can reuse the screens by washing them and then re-coating them with more substrate to burn another image.

Heat transfer

To avoid any problems of conflicting colors this type of t-shirt printing is done on white t-shirts. You can put transfers on any color t-shirt if you want but white t-shirts are the best. It is a quick method of printing as you use a pre-made transfer design. You just heat the transfer and apply it to the shirt. You can do this at home using am ironing board and iron but if you are making a large batch of shirts there is special equipment you can purchase. Although this is an easy quick option, it is not long lasting. The transfers over time tend to crack, which often lead to degradation of the image or fading.


Of all the t-shirt printing options, this is the longest lasting and quickest methods. Unfortunately, it can be costly and is a limited process. This printing is usually on done on acrylic and synthetic material like nylon. The ink used in printing is heated in such a way that it turns to gas. It is then transferred to the fabric. When you use this process it will require heating element, substrates, and special inks that an increase the cost of the garment.

For Your Information – Different Types of Fabric for Activewear

Activewear is a type of cloth that comes with a combination of function and fashion. These clothes perform as well as they are in appearance. They are not the ordinary workout clothes. These are amazing clothes that function very well during workout.

An activewear can retain its original shape even after many hot water washes. It can also function well even when you sweat extremely.

Here is a list of different fabrics given below with all their details.


Cotton is the most lovable fabric of all time because it is very comfortable to your skin. Though cotton itself is a great fabric, but when it blends with other technical fabrics it becomes an outstanding product. Moisture can be held by cotton. It is a breathable, soft and comfortable garment for a workout.


Spandex is another good fabric for activewear. It is mostly lovable for its stretching and recovering abilities. Almost all tight fitting clothes are made of spandex. It is considered to be very tight by some wearers as they find difficulties in body movement. But if you dry clean and iron it repeatedly, it can lose its elasticity.


Polyester is a durable and an inexpensive fabric. You can recycle your polyester garments. It does not absorb extra moisture, so it comes with quick dry features. You can use polyester for digital printing because of its ability to take colors easily. Various chemicals are mixed together to make polyester.


Nylon is one of the strongest fibres of all time. It is also considered as an abrasion resistant fabric. It comes with quick dry qualities because of its low moisture absorbency capability. Nylon is a smooth, durable and long lasting, which is ideal to make activewears. Nylon can not absorb dye well.


Fabrics made from bamboo are comfortable, cool and soft. Bamboo is a very sustainable plant. Pollution can be created in the process if transforming the bamboo into fabric. Bamboo is durable, resilient and comes with natural moisture wicking qualities. It provides warmth in the winter and helps to keep you cool in summer. This luxurious fabric is more expensive than the others.


Wool is a fiber that is produced naturally. It is a durable fiber which is considered to be a good option for workouts. It is very soft and comfortable. It consists of exceptional moisture management, breathability and thermoregulation qualities.

Thus, select any of the above-mentioned fabrics for your activewear in order to make your workout a comfortable one.

Do You Know?- Branded Short and Long Sleeve Crewnecks Return To The Spotlight

At one point, men’s fashion made a shift toward minimalism. Scandinavian style trends began to influence the global men’s market. Gone were bright colors, bold logos, and most of the industry’s excitement. But the last few years have seen a return to risk-taking and adventure in men’s fashion. The last six months have given birth to the return of branded crew necks in both short and long-sleeve variations. Fashion hipsters and general fans alike are no longer afraid to show their loyalty to their favorite brands. Logos are back, and they’re back in a big way.

Perhaps the fashion industry owes this return to branding to the music industry. Stars like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Beyoncé have transformed their concert merchandise into legit streetwear pieces. And fans are willing to spend top dollar for them. The product is heavily branded but has a very contemporary feel. So fans are just as comfortable rocking a Purpose Tour tee in everyday life as they are at a concert.

Capitalizing on this trend, several designers have unleashed branded tees on the market. Though the market momentarily shifted, Armani Exchange always stayed true to its vision with bold, globally recognized logos on almost all of its merchandise. And whether you’re interested in luxury fashion or mass-market designs, you can find a branded tee to suit your needs.

On the luxury side, Hugo Boss and Burberry have crafted striking, modern designs that effectively evoke the essence of their brands while managing to stay right in step with popular trend. Brands like Hollister and G-star offer equally stylish yet more affordable alternatives.

Though wearing a logo tee seems simple enough, a few easy style guidelines can help ensure you avoid the pitfalls of bad fashion. It’s of utmost importance to make sure the logo represents you. If your style is understated and classic, choose a tee that falls in line with your aesthetic. Skip the bright colors and opt for something minimalistic. But if you’re a peacock, pick something BOLD. Avoid neutral colors and go for splashes of richer hues. Opt for bigger letters or designs. Regardless of style preference, you can find something 0that perfectly suits you.

Branded tees will almost always come in crewneck styles. If a branded v-neck is an option, skip it. A crew neck will frame your neck much better than any v-neck can. Choose a size that works as could you get herpes from kissing an advocate for your physique. Pick something that’s slim but not so tight it suffocates you. Choose a length that never hits above or below your hips. And be sure to choose a sleeve length that falls in the middle of your arm. A sleeve that’s too long will make you look like you’re in your big brother’s shirt. One that’s too short will make you look like you shrunk your shirt in the wash.

It’s clear that branded tees are back and bigger than ever. You should definitely indulge, but be sure to grab a tee that suits your overall aesthetic and showcases your physique in the best li